Kevin & Family ENJOY Cruising Together!

Kevin loved the dancing and the food, especially the sorbet for dessert. He loved being on the "big boat". The excursions were not his forte as the walking was hard for him.

Kevin is a wonderful man with so many talents. He loves to play on his IPad by copying books into the notes section. He used to do this by hand and had amazing handwriting. Not so much now since he types it all. He has always loved to work. He has held many jobs over the last 20 years. The last job he had was at Outback Steakhouse for several years. He folded silver for them and everybody loved him. They would all greet him with "KEVIN!!" when he came in and when he left. Sort of like the sitcom "Cheers". He has always had a great work ethic and never wants to take off except to go on trips. We go to a small church where all the people know and love him. He is an usher and receives offerings and plays a tambourine (not always on the beat) on the front row. He always buys cards for birthdays and holidays for his family members. They are not always gender perfect, but we love that he makes the effort. He always talks about going on the big boat again for his 40th birthday. I'm so hopeful it will be an awesome time for him and I'm looking forward to seeing my friends again.

From Rosalie:

Thank you to Ann Wells, mother of Kevin Wells for writing about their enjoyment of Cruising. Kevin is 38 years of age and lives in Midland, Texas. Kevin also has Down syndrome. Kevin, Ann and Karla are all from Midland, Texas and will be special guests on the 2017 Eastern Caribbean Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disabilities.

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