Learn the Answers to these questions on our March 18, 2017 Eastern Caribbean Developmental Disabilities Cruise

Is your child in speech therapy but not making the progress toward speaking you had hoped? Has your child made better progress in gross motor and fine motor development but not intelligible speech? Can you understand some words but have difficulty understanding him most of the time?

Do you try to do work with your child at home but he/she is not willing to participate? Is behavior a challenge in therapy/school or at home? Does your child communicate his wants/needs to you through crying, screaming or refusing?
Is your child a picky eater or have sensory challenges with foods?
Are you overwhelmed with all the goals and homework your therapists have given you? Can’t get organized? Don’t know where to start or how to get it all in?
Have you tried teaching your child to talk but they can’t seem to find their voice? Do you hear words “sometimes” but then can’t seem to get them to repeat them?
Have you ever wondered why you can understand your child when they say a single word but can’t when they communicate in full sentences?
-Do you want your child's speech to be clear?
-Do you want to decrease or eliminate your child's tongue protrusion?
-Wish you had time to exercise but find it impossible to fit into your daily routine?
-Overwhelmed by the amount of therapy your child has each week?

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