Mel LOVES Cruising!

About North America

Mel loves cruising! On the cruise ship she can be independent. Mel gets up earlier than her parents, goes and has breakfast at the buffet and then does a workout or shoots baskets.

She can also be independent in choosing different activities to participate than her parents.
Mel LOVES all the music and dancing...everyone on the ship knows who she is and call her the "Dancing Queen". She has won prizes for her dancing.

Mel's self-confidence seems to grow on the ship. She is willing to do things she would not normally do. She has been a magician’s assistant, done karaoke, she’s been a Princess pop star, entered dancing contests, plays trivial pursuit on her own or with any team. She asks people to, dance, join her etc.

Mel follows our rules for avoiding weight gain better than her Mom. She always takes the stairs, uses the smallest plate at the buffet and only goes back for seconds of fruit and veggies.

Mel loves the pool and hot tub, definitely preferring fresh water ones. She loves the movies shown and all the activities, especially line dancing, yoga, trivial pursuit and other contests.

Mel will be a special guest on the 2016 Alaska Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disabilities.

Melanie Laird is 31 years of age and has recently received her green belt in Karate, has a part-time job and lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Melanie is the daughter of Dale & Barbara Laird and sister to Matthew. Melanie also has Down syndrome.

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