Susan Zimmermann & Family Now LOVE Cruising!

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Traveling with our family can be challenging. Our oldest son, Oliver (now 14), has Down Syndrome. He is nonverbal and so frustrates easily; he is unable to walk for long periods of time; and he is known to wander away from us without any hesitation or concern for his own safety.

On more than one vacation, Oliver has run off without my husband nor I knowing, leaving us in a state of sheer panic. Thankfully, these scenarios all had happy endings with us finding Oliver by the pool, playing on a nearby playground, or entertaining a nearby family with his antics and adorable smile. Two years ago, we decided to try a Celebrity Alaskan cruise. It was the BEST decision! We didn't have to worry about Oliver wandering off from us because he and his younger brother were thoroughly entertained the entire time.

From Rosalie:

Thank you to Susan Zimmermann, mother of Oliver Laidlaw for writing about their family’s new found enjoyment of Cruising. 14 year old Oliver, who has Down syndrome, and his family are a pleasure to travel with on our Developmental Disabilities Cruises. Susan, her husband Michael, and sons Oliver and Simon reside in New Hampshire. They were special guests on our 2014 Alaska Mission Possible Cruise and will be special guests again on the 2017 Eastern Caribbean Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disabilities.

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