Celebrity Autism Friendly Ships

Celebrity is both Autism Friendly Bronze and Silver Certified, meaning that we accommodate guests with autism and other developmental disabilities and also have trained Youth Staff onboard in autism (and other developmental disability) awareness. We are able to accommodate guests, but unfortunately are unable to provide one-on-one care at this point.



Accommodated Services and Amenities - Confirms the ship’s readiness to accommodate guests with autism and other developmental disabilities to provide equal access to onboard services and amenities. Some of the reasonable accommodations include providing sensory related toys, a cruise social story, autism friendly modification to youth activities (where appropriate), autism friendly movies, expedited boarding, modified muster drill, dietary offerings (including GFCF), several modifications to services for groups of guests with special needs, and more. An entire fleet can achieve Bronze Certification at the same time.


Youth Staff Trained – Ships with Silver Certification have ensured that all Youth Staff onboard have received basic awareness training in autism and other developmental disabilities, including instruction on basic engagement and communication as well as safety and crisis prevention techniques.

To further the guest experience we have recently received a number of "Fat Brain" Educational Toys that are autism friendly. We use the toys as an educational and sensory aid as well as make them available to the families through a lending program.

Furthermore, each day we are incorporating Autism Friendly games and activities into our Fun Factory programs to encourage program inclusion with our guests with developmental disabilities. In the files section, we have attached a sample of one of the programs on the Celebrity Summit showing some of the Autism Friendly activities in our daily program. They are delineated by the Autism Friendly symbol to the left of the activity.

Upon registration for the Fun Factory, the parents/guardians can also fill out a Special Needs form with vital information that will aid the Youth Staff in providing the best care possible for the guest.