Cruising with Autism

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My youngest (16) has been pestering us to be allowed to go on the “floating hotel”. Living in the port of Vancouver, every year we are witness to the show of cruise lines as they stop in Vancouver and every year my youngest perseverates on being able to go on a cruise.

This July (2016) we took a cruise to Alaska with Rosalie’s Developmental Disability Cruises. It was a trip of a life time – those that live with autism would understand, the first few days were rough, not sea rough, but autism rough until the boys got the lay of the ship – the unknown can be a challenge for our boys.

Once they got the lay of the land, our youngest was able to be independent, had his own passkey, was able to get food when he wanted and the food he wanted. While it was a challenge and thanks to the other families who understood our challenges, we were able to introduce our boys to new experiences, like the evening shows, working out at the gym, eating in a dining room (that didn’t go over so well – but we got to try it).

The staffs on Celebrity were outstanding, they helped when they could and made the trip a success. However, it was the other families that we met, that understood, that didn’t pass judgment that made our cruise enjoyable. It was the simple things, like just the extra set of eyes; the learning, the “understanding” the acceptance that made our cruise so enjoyable – so thank you Rosalie for organizing this cruise and thank you to the families that made it one of the best family vacations ever.

We will definitely be saving up for another cruise – as this was the first family vacation where even mom – me - got to feel like I was on a vacation. Oh one more thing – if you are considering a cruise – cruise with Rosalie’s Developmental Disability Cruise, but also book a room with a balcony – if you need down time you and at least the kids have their down time while you sit on the balcony and watch the world cruise by.

Thank you Cyndi and Family for joining our July 2016 Alaska Developmental Disabilities Cruise. It was a good opportunity for all of us to connect for a week away and look forward to having you join us again in the future.

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