Why Rosanne & Madeline Stuart LOVE Cruising!

By Rosanne & Madeline · Agent Rosalie Newell-Wagner, ACC

So seeing we are all going on a Cruise together very soon to see the amazing Alaska, I thought I would share why Maddy and I LOVE cruising.

Maddy and I started cruising about 10 years ago. We had always liked to travel but airports, suitcases, buses all were hard to deal with constantly if we did a lot of different cities or countries. Then we found cruising! I remember our first cruise, it was for 7 days and we did 3 countries. It was amazing with no suitcases to pack and unpack at every new hotel in every new town we wanted to check out. Plus there was the added bonus that we could buy souvenirs and just take them back to the Cruise ship and we only had to worry about packing on the very last night of the Cruise.

There was so much more time for fun, with less arguments on having to pack and unpack.

It was great to have a kids club that travelled with us when she was younger. There were plenty of nights she would be watching movies or dancing with her peers and I could go to a show or a dance or two myself, with the big people… lol. Now there is more time for independence since Maddy is older, as she makes friends on the Cruise ship quickly.

Since our first Cruise, we have been on many Cruises which we try to do once a year at least. We love it and Maddy is in her element, making new friends and practicing every day for the talent quest or dancing show at the end of the Cruise, not to mention I can have a glass of wine and relax as I don’t have to drive home after!

If you have never been on a Cruise I advise you give it a try. I have found very few people that didn’t love it. There are always others on the Cruise with disabilities too, as I think a lot of people feel the same way as we do…. it is like travelling but with only the good bits.

We hope to see you all soon.

Much love from Maddy and me.

From Rosalie:

Thank you to Rosanne Stuart, mother of Madeline Stuart for writing about their joy of Cruising. Madeline is 19 years of age and has become the first professional adult model with Down syndrome. Together they have been travelling the world and changing society’s perceptions of beauty – one photo shoot at a time. Rosanne and Madeline will be special guests on the 2016 Alaska Mission Possible Cruise for Developmental Disabilities.

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